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Meet Julia

Dementia Care Consultant and Mindset Maven

I am a small-town girl from Wisconsin who’s always been known to have a smile on my face and the ability to connect with others. In high school, I volunteered to tutor newly immigrated Hmong students in reading and communication.  It was a fun challenge for the new students and I. During those sessions I realized how important building relationships and connecting with others was to me.  It was then I decided to become a Speech-Language Pathologist.  Following college graduation, I began a successful career as a clinician, multi-facility manager, national corporate trainer, professional education presenter, mid-size private practice owner and consultant.  During those years, I realized my passion was with geriatrics having dementia; discovering the person still inside and re-introducing that person and their families to all that that was still possible. 

​Outside of work, I keep busy as a wife, and a mother to three particularly sassy furry beasts.  Each day, they surround me with joy and laughter.  I’m also a fitness junkie, biohacker and triathlete.  The more I learn about the body and the human spirit, the more obsessed I become to uncover the ways mindset, food and lifestyle can heal what ails us.


Finally, my husband and I are beekeepers, and I am ever watching the behaviors of these amazing creatures and jotting down my findings.  My husband is the science mind behind our project, and I bring the art of observation and storytelling. 


I’m looking forward to getting to know you soon.

My heart to yours,


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