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“Engaged Life” Program

If you have a loved one (LO) at home who you want to see more engaged and being as independent as possible this program is for you. 


In this 4-week program you will:

  • Gain insight into how the brain changes with dementia

  • Improve your creativity to identify engaging activities based on your LO’s interest

  • Find power to prepare the environment so it’s friendly to your LO.

  • Have 1:1 time with Julia to ask questions and brainstorm


“Empowered Life” Program

If you are looking to improve your mindset about caring for your Loved One or help yourself move into a healthful way of living to reduce your risk of chronic illness, you will become empowered here!  


In this 4 week program, you will:


  • Find the need for “YOU” time and ways to get it

  • Develop a mindset of to take you through the storms of anxiety and frustration

  • Take action on moving into a healthful lifestyle

  • Leave limiting beliefs behind and springboard into those that move you toward knowing you CAN!

  • Have time to ask questions and brainstorm with Julia


  Oh yes, BTW, you will have YOU homework… if ya wanna improve, you gotta work!

Ala Carte Your Plan

Need help with a loved one and yourself or just now sure what you need?

Contact us and we’ll customize a plan specifically for you!

On the Stage!

Do you want Julia to speak at your event or share her knowledge in another professional way?

She’s more than happy to talk with you to find out more!


Contact us, share the details and we’ll check the calendar!

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