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Are you:

  • Experiencing Care Partner burnout?

  • Recognizing changes in your thinking and memory?

  • Nervous that what you are seeing in your loved one are signs of Alzheimer’s?

  • Desiring to change get ahead of the game and prevent Alzheimer’s?


We have a program to fit your needs that will be built around YOU!

Engaged Life Programs

Care Partnering Program

Taking Care of Plants

Our program will support you in:

• Understanding next-steps no matter where you are on the path

• Understanding the changes going on in your Loved One’s brain

• Taking what your loved one is able to do and turn that into meaningful and engaging activities

• Recognizing things in the environment that can make life easier for your loved one

• Brainstorming and feeling your way through this new landscape


Julia will work with YOU on the challenges you face and celebrate with YOU because EVERY win is worth celebrating!


Empowered Life Programs

Reset Your Brain (Prevention)

Are you starting to notice changes in your memory and thinking or that of someone you know and love?  

Program focus is helping you understand: 

• Brain physiology and the role genetics play in your risk

• YOUR inflammatory markers and what YOU need to reduce them

• How to plan and managing actions that can heal YOUR brain

• Required:  Bloodwork panel – genetics and hormones

• Duration:  6 months


Revive Your Brain (Intervention) 

Closeup of two older people

Is cognitive decline in your loved one’s thinking and living becoming more obvious and getting in the way of the life you both want to live?

Program focus is:

• Reviewing and discussing YOUR inflammatory markers 

• Educating you about YOUR genetics, hormones, biotoxins

• Creating a plan and managing actions that can heal YOUR brain

• Needed:  comprehensive bloodwork panel – genetics, hormones, biotoxins

• Duration:  1 year

NOTE:  Care Partner coaching is available if desired

Power Up Your Brain

Do you want to start learning what best practices to start in your life and those of your family?

Program Focus is:

• Education and Inspiration

• Setting Intentions 

• Developing and living with a growth mindset

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