About Empowered Living

VOI offers a variety of ways to gain the information you are looking for that work with your schedule.

Impossible to leave your loved one alone or find someone to care for him/her while you attend a class?  No problem, Julia understands you are dealing with a lot all day every day.  For this reason, VOI offers a variety of learning options to fit most schedules.

The “Engaged Life” Program

While there is no simple cure for Alzheimer’s and the changes that dementia brings, there are ways to support your loved one to live a purposeful life.  Personalized.  Comfortable.  Practical.  And the best way to figure things out is one-to-one.


Our program will help you:

  •  Recognize what your loved ones can still do instead of what they cannot do,

  •  Develop activities that are engaging for your loved ones to participate in,

  • Identify roles for loved ones so they can contribute in the home,

  •  Prepare an environment where loved ones can interact in a way that’s meaningful and safe.


This will be done in the privacy of your home no matter where you are in the world!  All you need is a computer with a camera and the commitment to move forward.


 In this one-to-one program, Julia takes time to help you work through changes at a pace that works for you and YOUR situation.  She will work with you to modify what may no longer be working as it had and problem solve how best to deal with new developments or manage an environment.

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The “Empowered Life” Program

The feelings of exhaustion and frustration are not new to care partners.  Going to bed tired and waking up the same way, hoping for a “good day” with your loved one, but knowing in reality that there will be new challenges.  You begin to lose yourself in caring for others…


It is time for you to make changes that are small but powerful… changes make you stand tall and know that you are the leader of YOUR life.  The focus is on nutrition, mindset, physical and spiritual health.  It’s true that life is 80% psychology and 10% mechanics (and a healthy meal or snack!), so we work on how to make the psychology work for you and your health span.


Like the other program I offer, I will work with you online in the privacy of your home or wherever you can meet.  You just need yourself and a computer with a camera.