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 Empowered Living

Empowered:  the ability to face challenges and find the power within to succeed.  

As a Care Partner, a Person with dementia, or someone wanting to reduce your risk of cognitive decline,

YOU can become empowered…


VOI offers two areas of focus for our clients, both personalized and designed for YOU and YOUR situation.  As a Care Partner or Individual looking to improve your or your family’s brain health

We have a program available for you. 

While there is no simple cure for Alzheimer’s and the changes that dementia brings, there are ways to support your loved one to live a purposeful life.  Personalized.  Comfortable.  Practical.  And the best way to figure things out is one-to-one.

​In this program, the work will be done in the privacy of your home no matter where you are in the world!  All you need is a computer with a camera and the commitment to look at and try things in a new way.


Julia will work with you one-to-one.  She will take time to help you work through changes at a pace that works for YOU, YOUR loved one and YOUR situation.  She will work with you to modify what may no longer be working as it had and problem solve how best to deal with new developments or manage your living environment.

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  • • Are you noticing yourself having trouble remembering or paying attention and are concerned because you have a family history of Alzheimer’s or dementia and want to reduce your risk? OR

  • • Do you notice that someone you know is working hard to find words or taking a long time completing simple tasks, or just acting “different”?  OR

  • • Do YOU want to take better care of yourself so you can minimize your risk of chronic and neurologically devastating diseases that could be ahead in your future?


Then, now is the time for YOU to begin making powerful changes to your lifestyle for YOU, your children and grandchildren!  


In our programs, Julia will work with you online in the privacy of your home or wherever you can meet.  All you need is the ability to have honest discussions, commitment to take action and belief that you will make meaningful changes to improve your brain health. 

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