We’re All On a… Journey

My name is Julia and I’m here for your loved one and YOU. 

I’ve been a Speech-Language Pathologist for 25 years. Of those years, 15 of them have been spent specializing and working with People having dementia.  This disease is devastating; not just for the person with it but also for those who love and care for them.  I have learned that though there is sadness, fear, and exhaustion, this is also beauty, mystery, and joy.


Though I loved being a clinician, it became more and more difficult to understand and relate to my clients and their families in a way that was meaningful to all of us because of insurance restrictions.  Yes, I was able to implement changes, but the limitations couldn’t allow for creating relationships and deep understandings that are needed when helping families design purposeful paths for their Loved Ones.


So, I decided to alter my own path and share my knowledge and experiences with elders and caregivers in a different way.  One that allows for time, respect, and comfort on OUR terms. 

Julia (96 of 98).jpg


VOI is my dream…

The dream of sharing my knowledge and experience with families and care partners who don’t want to see their loved one sit idle while there is so much left inside him/her.  A dream to share ways to come out of dark days with positivity and hope; to stand up to dementia and say, “You won’t take me down!”

“But then my dream evolved…”



VOI began an unexpected transformation started by two diagnoses…

Me with Pre-diabetes and my mom with Exocrine Pancreatic Insufficiency (EPI).  I deep-dove into research to find ways to manage both issues while maintaining nutrition and health… in that work, I unearthed a passion to understand the power between nutrition, health, and longevity.

So began the transformation of VOI from focusing solely on helping individuals with dementia, but also but also to educate families on how small changes can have dramatic effects on a person’s life... Effects that reduce chronic illness, slow aging and even prevent diseases like Alzheimer’s!

 It was then I knew I could serve others through accountability, education, and collaboration to live engaged and empowered lives.