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Write stuff down?! Why?

Seriously, what's the point?

It's amazing what you find when you least expect it. I was cleaning out a bookcase and found a pile of my well worn, soft-paged journals.

I have always been a writer at heart, producing stories and long winded descriptions to captivate the person reading the text. Journaling though, that is a whole different type of writing. Emotions, scenes, random thoughts, doodles, giant bold and angry text and sometimes times different colors and penmanship styles depending on the whim of the moment or day.

I intially thought journaling was time wasted, why would I want to write stuff down? Why would I ever want to go back and read that stuff again, especially if it wasn't something vibrant and happy.

Not to mention my life is pretty boring.

Ahhhh... that's where I was soooo wrong...

First off, NOBODY'S life is boring we ALL have stories and histories that make this world what it is... interesting! (But I digress) Journaling GIVES you a peek into who you were or maybe still are or are evolving to be... It SHOWS that you have grit, empathy, humor, sadness and any of the myriad of emotions we ALL feel... It REMINDS you of the tough and nearly impossible situations you thought you could NEVER make it through, only to remind yourself you DID and came out stronger and wiser on the other side... It DELIVERS smiles for the good times that maybe you forgot about and allows you an opportunity to share a memory and laughter with someone else...

I find it cathartic to put thoughts and emotions down on paper and get them out of my system (you can say or scream whatever you want to your journal and it won't judge or make argument ). Journaling can make situations and feelings real and it helps me pay attention and troubleshoot. It also lets me describe something special so I have it forever.

When I paged through the journals I found, it showed me how much I'd grown over the past 15 years, where I've been, who I was and helped me to see blessings I had forgotten.

Enjoy some quiet moments today with pen, paper and yourself... capture a memory with words or doodles... then tuck it away for a rainy day.

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