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You are Feeling Sleepy...

You are feeling sleepy...

Have you ever been diligently working, lost in what you are doing and suddenly come out of your revere to find the day has slipped by?

Your workspace, that started out cooI and inviting while you were deeply into what you were doing has now started to warm because the sun shifted in the sky. You are really happy the coffee you were drinking is gone because it would be WAY too warm to sip now. You lean back in your chair, sigh and look around. Smiling you feel proud of your productive morning, but are noticing that you feel kinda sleepy... the sun is now shining into your workspace, warming you and making you feel comfy and cozy. You turn your face toward the window or maybe even get up and move closer to it. It's so warm your skin. Ahhhh... lovely.

Hmmm... you really are feeling sleepy. Comfy, cozy, and sleepy. A great feeling to have, but not so great for your productivity that needs to be on point for the afternoon, right?

So, why are you sleepy? Is it just the sun warming your workspace?

Maybe, maybe not...

Clearly, the room has the added ambiance of a great place to sneak in a little nap, but the quality of the sleep you got last night most likely is the driver to why you REALLY want to close your heavy eyelids.

Believe it or not..

Adults everywhere, in fact 1 in 3 between the ages of 17-70 are getting less sleep than they need. Our lives are so busy and our minds are moving so fast that either we go to bed later than that our bodies want or when we finally put away the work, close the computer lid, or put down the phone we lie awake with thoughts of tomorrow and all that it brings swirling and swirling, and swirling, generating more and more thoughts, ideas, worries, lists... you know what I'm talking about.

So, what can 1 in 3 of us do to help ourselves get to sleep?

Well, beginning a NIGHT TIME ROUTINE is a place to dip your toe in the water... Adding 3 SIMPLE STEPS to your pre-sleep routine can lead you to better quieting and slipping off into dreamland...

1 HOUR before you head to sleep: Begin the hour by closing electronics down and putting them away for the evening. THEN break that hour into 20 minute segments:

  • 20 minutes: Finish getting the "Tomorrow Tasks" ready (lunches bundled for the kids, backpacks, work bags packed, etc.)

  • 20 minutes: Start the "Sleepy Time Tasks" (your routine of changing into PJs, brushing teeth, opening the bed, etc) and dim the lights if you can, that will help prepare the mind for sleep

  • 20 minutes: Start the "Calming Tasks" in the dark or dim if you can (listening to meditation, calming music, reading something that quiets your mind - wouldn't recommend a suspense thriller unless that gets you prepped to sleep , low volume and reduced light TV with programing that doesn't require you to have to pay attention and set with a timer to turn off)

Your mind and body should be primed to slip into rest...

What a difference 1 little hour can make. You owe it to yourself and everyone around you to get the most from your sleep… your body will thank you!

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